Wool Soumak


The wool Soumak rug is too known by sumac rug and is flat woven carpet finely knotted by Vikram Carpets Company. The process goes by, this where the smoke is fore mostly weaved like a Kilim carpet and further embellished with long needles to make the various forms and patterns. We use even traditional animal designs and patterns and the overall tone is more fragile to make people feel doubted on the character.

Our handmade Wool Soumak quality rug is made of 100% natural materials and involves especially skilled artisans who delicately make such carpets involving much of the fourth dimension. Our Soumak Carpets are handmade featuring the antique Agra city style pattern colors to work the room warm and generate overall authentic feeling. We ensure best quality rugs at the most convenient prices. These sorts of Soumak rugs can be used during greeting special guests in the parties and holidays due to the traditional design involved throughout the rugs.

Our special Soumak Rugs have a popular palette that makes it dissimilar from other carpets, it is double in texture, but lighter in weight involved New Zealand’s finest quality color combinations wool. People looking for antiquities, but having a modern taste will enjoy ordering our Soumak Rugs that has enriched colors to meet the modern and classic floors inside homes. There is no single piling involved in the fashioning of this type rug and well fits on smooth surfaces.

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