Wool Kelim Durries


Vikram Carpets is one of the renowned top manufacturers of Wool Kelim Durries. Durries as also known by another name called Kelim is sold widely due to its versatile nature. The wool kelim durries are made from the most primordial styles to suit all kinds of floor coverings and finishing present in every home. Our wool kelim durries are made to suit all kinds of lifestyles and even inspired from the tribal culture and motifs of the past era that are today very rarely seen.

We proudly produce such magnificent designed carpets and after placing them on the floors take us to the ancient and contemporary styles those which had vitality and eclectic attitude. Some of the designs include geometrics, waves, honey combs, chic floral motifs and basket weaves. These designs have all the possible color combinations and textures. We are popularly known in the market for producing 100% pure wool durries only. Being the exporters of wide woolen durries collections we feel proud to serve all our clients’ needs and requirements.

These sourced wool yarn guarantees long life and quality to the product and further they are sold at industry leading prices. These are known to be multipurpose rugs and doesn’t have any knots and pile within. Our wool kelim durries are easily washable and is quite eco-friendly and supportive towards environment.

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