Wool Hand Tufted Micro Loop


Vikram Carpets are known for its nicest creation called the Wool Hand Tufted Micro Loop rugs made of the highest quality wool. The finishing of this product is such that people might feel that they are tied together in knots, but the actual reality is they are made without the help of any knots. It is not as easy by looking as it involves time and dedication in placing and tacking together the right raw materials together.

However, our hand tufted rugs are quite affordable and people of all section can afford to purchase from us. Our alluring designs and patterns are such that people will be willing to purchase quite a number at one time. Mainly the wool rugs are made of a tool called the tufting gun where loops of wool are pushed through a desirable backing so that the design gets easily imprinted.

After the rug making is completed, another process is applied that is a scrim functional with the latex glue. With the drying of latex glue the final cloth backing is done to enhance the overall look. Finally the shearing of the rugs is done so that all the loops placed on the top are cut finely to create the pile. Our hand tufted rugs are quite durable and can withstand an average of 12-20 years in every home, including hallways, dining rooms, entryways, bedrooms, offices and hallways.

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