Wool Hand Tufted (Loop / Cut)


Vikram Carpet’s Modern Wool Hand Tufted (Loop / Cut) carpets are made by the skilled artisans who are knowledgeable and make the carpets from the New Zealand’s finest blended wool. There are 100% good quality wool present in it to give a good shine in the whole carpet Each woolen yarn are individually tufted by hand to bring the most enhancing designs and appearances. Our carpets produced are of varying sizes and heavy in weight, has the ability to cover the major portions inside the house.

Our packing materials used are of premium quality like latex providing good support and strength of the carpet so that it lasts longer for years. Due to its good backing materials the overall carpet’s weight can be well handled and is also known to be anti-skid. Colors are diverse depending on people’s selections while purchasing our wool hand tufted loop cut carpets.

Today, Vikram Carpets are known to be the fastest growing carpet exporters in the world due to fine quality hand tufting rugs that have been made from the pleasant touches by combining both the modern and traditional carpet designs. We not only involve best quality wool blends, but also finest finishing and latex materials to give the overall look, texture and reduce shedding to enhance polish of the wool. Our designable carpets are washable and help people to remove all dirt particles already absorbed inside.

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