Re-Cycled Polyester (PET) Soumak


Vikram Carpets manufactures one such unique carpets called as Re-Cycled Polyester (PET) Soumak made of polyester material. Our polyester Soumak Rugs are known like the popular Kelim style rugs and are crafted in the well-known flat woven style. Such carpets are embroidered with the threads seen hanging loose on the back of the carpet. Even our Soumak rugs look feels like a shaggy collection of wool strands placed all over. These decorative wool strands serves to be look like the most structured throughout.

All our recycled polyester Soumak Rugs are made of innovative geometric patterns with numerous tribal designs placed around for making the traditional interior items and furniture more glowing and shining. We make several color combined pattern carpets that are durable as well as attract larger traffic to purchase at every look. Made of the finest textures and materials to suit all interior colors majorly.

The warps strands and wefts of Soumak Rugs are from silk or purely wool and the ends of the fibers are left loose on the back side to add on to a special type design. Our polyester material Soumak Rugs do not contain any single knot like other rugs and are flat woven to finally create the product.

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