Re-Cycled Polyester (PET) Kelim/Durries


Vikram Carpets is a famous name in the carpet industry who is engaged in manufacturing and exporting different types of carpet with either natural woolen or jute rug or Re-Cycled Polyester (PET) depending on the requirements of their esteemed customers. These durries are made of good quality of Re-Cycled Polyester (PET) and comes with varying size and enriched with different vibrant color chosen from finest quality color combinations of New Zealand. They are light weight; water-resistant and made of finely blended Re-Cycled Polyester of New Zealand.

Their durries perfectly match for both outside and inside floor. Their vibrant color, contemporary designs match with your classic or modern smooth floor perfectly. These are often placed in most traffic area to enhance the aesthetics of your floor so that it can attract the guest at first glance. Therefore you can use it in party or in some special occasion or it may be a good gifting idea.

Each Re-Cycled Polyester (PET) Kelim/Durries are made individually by expert hand of vikram’s artisans to enhance designs and appearances. These Re-Cycled Polyester (PET) Kelim/Durries are given stone-washed look by keeping it in sun in order to give it a wear look. These are the lovely piece, which can be used on reverse side also. Their Re-Cycled Polyester (PET) Kelim/Durries can be washed easily to remove dirt and since they are made of finest quality material with good finish, colors remain intact.

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