Jute Soumak


Jute Soumak rugs are diverse kind of flat-woven rugs with an appearance of Herringbone by knots on overall. Vikram Carpets proudly manufacture such highly fashioned rugs that are woven on vertical hand knotted looms and are available in the form of finest hemp jute yarn. Our jute soumak rugs are able to adopt any designs and modern conditions due to this knotted weaving technique. Our contemporary jute soumak rugs are available in multiple designs one has ever thought or dreamt of.

The designs are normally made in 3.200 Kgs per Sq.mtr including a finer composition of 20% cotton and 80% hemp jute. Our professional artisans are known to produce these jute soumak rugs for close family and friends so that there is a relaxing ambience created when the jute soumak rugs are placed. We include handmade natural jute fiber to make the look, complementing and attractive. Our handmade Soumak jute rug, even goes well with traditional furniture and flooring.

Our jute soumak rugs have the most vibrant colors fits every indoors and outdoors as well due to varying sizes and shapes. The look of the residential area gets enhanced due to the appearance of such carpets and we are quite different from others due the natural fiber and materials used and people often place such rugs on the most highlighted and visited areas for visitors to get lost after the first glance.

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