Indo Tibetan Wool


Vikram carpets are uniquely well-known for producing Indo Tibetan woolen carpets that are weaved from the advanced weaving techniques acquired only from Tibet. This technique was primarily said to be used in Nepal and so it is widely known as Indo Tibetan or Indo Nepal. By our alluring designs and patterns we have earned the name of producing the most fabulous Indo Tibetan woolen carpets in India. Our Indo Tibetan woolen carpets look is so attractive that when placed inside the homes, the entire structure of the homes gets modernized.

People viewing our Indo Tibetan carpets purchase them at the first glance due to genuine quality offered at the most convenient prices. Our magnificent designs, soothing texturing, elegant out of the box coloring patterns and entirely dust free nature makes us quite unique from our competitors. Our Indo Tibetan woolen carpets are made of exclusive raw materials that have 80% wool and 20% cotton fabric.

We are so pleased to announce our widely selling Indo Tibetan woolen carpets that have silky highlighting structure on the woolen backgrounds. Having lustrous appeal makes the house look converting into western style. We design them to meet all our clients demands and requirements and are have long lasting glamor and shining nature with flawless finishing.

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