Handloom Recycled Polyester (PET)


Vikram Carpets proudly manufactures Handloom Recycled Polyester (PET) Carpets and supplies widely containing multiple designs and ranges. We are known to be the most prominent manufactures offering wide-ranging carpets at the most valuable prices. Our handloom recycled polyester carpets are fabricated from the most optimum quality fabrics that are quite admirable in nature. People will love them while decorating their interiors due to reliable and easy maintainable feature.

We manufacture from the finest finish and sell at the most reasonable prices. The handloom re-cycled polyester products are exquisitely designed and developed to give the carpets an overwhelming look. We manufacture these carpets with varying color combinations and patterns and that is why they have an added value in the market. People quite often get attracted and demand for more of them whenever they come across in shops or online.

The handloom re-cycled polyester carpets are produced by our trustworthy weavers to make people believe that we use the finest of the high quality materials that are rich in textures and have 100% woolen quality. We have multiple, colors, designs and patterns available that all over makes the ambience aesthetically pleasing. Our skilled artisans work harder to produce the textures and finishing of the carpets and highlight their creativity to the utmost. Moreover, we attempt to deliver characteristic offerings that are categorized by an everlasting appeal.

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