Hand knotted wool


Designing a home is something that most of the individual’s dreams. Vikram Carpets are one of the renowned artistic carpet manufacturing company that produces carpets made out of hand knotted wool. Our hand knotting wool technique has been prevalent for years as we compile knots of wool to form separate patterns and designs and make the carpet look magnificently beautiful.

We form several designs through knots of wool and after some time the knots are trimmed off to create an even surface. Our hand knotting technique is simply incredible and time-consuming and this technique is said to work on an upright wooden frame for convenient accessibility. We have the highest quality of rugs available here made of hand knotted wool, mostly due to hand tying strongly of each knot on the rug. These knots serve to be friendlier and durable than machine manufacture replacements.

Our hand knitting wool on the rugs is quite superior in quantity as it is seen that the number of knots is given the better outcome is seen in terms of quality. Hand knotted wool in rugs being the traditional process has created much recognition in the carpet producing industries and we believe to produce antique carpets and rugs so that people will admire our products just at a glance.

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